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Trusted Online Store

We focus on being your trusted friendly electronic computer online shopping store.


Your Delivery is our Priority

We will keep innovating until everyone will shop on our online store like its just next door.

Wilmer Alejandro Operation Management


A trusted online store for electronics products that sells wide array of options from entry level to high end units and components. This is to provide the best computer online shopping experience for everyone across the country.

Our Vision

The future is technology and we aim to bring it across the country. That is to reach all doors with our electronic products.

History of the Company

Verzaton Technologies was founded by a multi-awarded organization or community for both traditional and online¬† business operations. Awards like “Best in Customer Service and Best Local Computer Store” are just one of those recognition in our portfolio that will give you a guarantee to revolutionize what our physical stores do in e-retail sales and service.

This company is opened to prioritize online consumers since our existing company records result show that many transactions transitioned to digital medium.

Cooperate with Us!

We encourage everyone to joins us. Your feedback is important, for us to deliver the best online shopping experience.


Computer Online Store

We are an online store that sells electronic products only specially computers. This is to guarantee that we have company community with electronics field of expertise for informative inquiry response and effective after sales suppport.

What can we do for you ?

Our team will always assure that products posted are tested from high end brands to entry level category.

Shipping and delivery timeframe will always be updated for each transactions.

We don’t only sell products, we care for you and our transactions. We have friendly and informative support to assist you for each purchase and after sales.